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Lists of the recording status of the world's Top 500 artists. Includes 95% of all Top 20 artists in recent years in all major territories and all major genres.

World Top 500 Artists Now looking: 18

  • Top 10 UK hip hop/urban act signed with major label is looking for tracks for a new album.
  • American Idol finalist signed with management is looking for songs.
  • German actor/singer signed with production company is looking for material for a hit single.

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Newly Signed and Developing Artists Now looking: 86

Leads to artists who work with successful A&Rs or managers, including their plans for a new album, what style of music they are looking for and who you will need to contact.

  • A new pop/dance boyband brought together by music industry veretans (Simon Fuller, Jamie King, Perez Hilton) are looking for songs.

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Unsigned/up-and-coming artists Now looking: 3

Leads submitted by people in the music industry, including a description of the artist, what style of music they are looking for and who to contact.

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